Our Mission

To raise funds and provide technical support for viable, sustainable rewilding projects in Africa that restore, preserve, and protect key wilderness areas.

Implementation Beneficiaries and Rewilding projects we choose to support, are in partnership with wilderness communities.

What will happen if we don’t Rewild Africa and involve her Wilderness Communities?


Destruction of natural landscapes

Poverty, famine
and disease

Our Interventions



A rewilding project can take years to become self-sustaining. We support well planned and budgeted rewilding programs along with helping build conservation economy businesses that create conservation livelihoods.



We support master land use planning and facilitate job creation and business development to open up new jobs and conservation economy income streams for communities. By helping them flourish, we protect the wildlife that shares their home.



Our Rewilding projects often present opportunities to protect endangered species and the "Big 5" that occur within the national parks and reserves in Africa. We support endangered species rewilding and protection projects.



Through our rewilding projects, we support grassroots conservation training and education in local wilderness communities. Our goal is to make them custodians of their environments and protectors of the natural landscapes and species that live there.


Land acquisition

We support the purchase or lease of derelict farmland ripe for rewilding projects that can be managed by local communities and protected for wildlife.

How do we achieve these interventions?


Philanthropic donations

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)


Grant Funds


Our Rewilding funding and technical support mission

Rewilding Africa CIC aims to provide funding and technical support for Beneficiary Partners and Rewilding projects that crucially involve Africa’s Wilderness Communities.

We act as their voice on the global stage and invite participation from all potential sympathisers from around the globe.

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