Our Mission

To raise funds for rewilding projects in Africa, in order to restore, preserve and protect key wilderness landscapes through educating and empowering wilderness communities to take ownership of their natural landscapes and assets and help save endangered species from extinction.

What will happen if we don’t Rewild Africa?


Destruction of natural landscapes

Poverty, famine
and disease

Our Interventions


Operations. Often a Rewilding Project takes years before it is self-sustainable. We support well planned and budgeted operating programs which enable the community to manage the conservancy/game reserve project and the various conservation economy businesses and supporting interventions


Communal wild conservancy(CWC) workshop planning and development. Through developing conservancies, we provide job creation and regular and diverse conservation economy income streams to the local communities, which essentially protects the natural landscape and provides safety for the animals that live in them


Game reserve and endangered species sanctuary projects. Conservancy projects often also present opportunities to protect the “big 5” which require fencing and other legislated infrastructure, which then provide predominantly tourism based income to the communities


Education and youth programs. Grass roots conservation training and education in the local wilderness communities, with the goal of making them the legitimate custodians of their natural landscapes and wildlife assets


Supporting land acquisition. Rewilding Africa help purchase old farmland and enables it to be given back to the animals and communities

How do we achieve these interventions?

Philanthropic donations
Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Our Africa Communal Wild
Conservancy (CWC) funding mission

Rewilding Africa aims to provides impact funding to vast wilderness landscapes in Africa, that predominantly surround proclaimed national parks, most of which are under severe threat from rural community encroachment and out of control poaching of endangered species such as black and white rhino and which can be developed into conservancies.

Our sister implementation and project management company, CWC Africa Projects(Pty) Ltd has identified 25 target landscapes as listed on the www.cwcafricaprojects.com website , which could be converted into Communal Wild Conservancies

Offer a Service

We would like to acknowledge the following service providers who support Rewilding Africa.

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