Become an Ambassador

Join the Rewilding Africa movement: Become an Ambassador today!

We invite both passionate individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom and around the globe, to join our ever growing team of Rewilding Africa Ambassadors.

You will get involved as much as you can and are willing to do so, in helping Rewilding Africa achieve its stated goals.

You will also have the opportunity to help us with creating awareness for our rewilding projects and community conservation initiatives, do fundraising challenges, events and campaigns, all in the name of Rewilding Africa (networking events; promotions, marathons etc) and whatever good ideas you can come up with!

You will be given an Ambassador information and marketing toolkit, including:

  • Personalised email stationary (optional) ie
  • A link to impactful marketing material that you can post on your own social media pages and other links
  • An Ambassador certificate which you can display on your email stationary, linked in profile, website, office poster etc (brag cert).
  • Available for both businesses and individuals

Being a Rewilding Africa Ambassador also entitles you to:

  1. Free membership (with a voluntary option to subscribe)
  2. The opportunity to offer your pro bono/discounted services or products to Rewilding Africa and our subscribed members
  3. Invitations to information sharing events and visits to rewilding projects in Africa
  4. A listing(optional) with your contact details on the Rewilding Africa Ambassador Directory
  5. Receive fundraising targets, incentives and rewards!

Please drop us an email on to find out more.

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