Loziba Community Conservancy

Loziba Community Conservancy (Kwazulu-Natal), has been identified as a priority project site for investment and proof of concept of the Multiple Land Use, Multiple Revenue Stream Community Conservancy Planning, Development and Management Model.

An estimated investment of £5m* over 5 years, will enable the establishment of an innovative and diverse portfolio of agri-wildlife businesses within the Loziba Community Conservancy, which includes the Loziba Wildlife Reserve(www.loziba.com ) in the centre of the Community Conservancy.

*this is a desktop estimate. A full ground truthing and budget exercise is needed to prepare a comprehensive and collaboratively agreed development program and budget as well as business plans for the agri-wildlife businesses envisaged to be optimal for the area.

A signed constitution is in place with the communities to proceed with the proposed Conservancy development programme, with the project having already had initial investments in a range of community development projects including the Loziba Wildlife Reserve.

Ultimately a sustainable and profitable regenerative agri-wildlife micro- conservation economy will be established, consisting potentially of the following businesses:

  1. Wildlife production (game) farming and a business incubator – supporting the game meat value chain enterprises.
  2. Regenerative Community Cattle Farming – using livestock to Regenerate rangelands, whilst producing organic red meat.
  3. Eco-Farm – climate smart, efficient, technology-driven food production business, including aquaculture linking into Agri-Hubs for agro-processing, product distribution and supplying regenerative agri-wildlife materials (e.g. seed) and equipment to the Eco-Farms.
  4. “Regenerated” open-field agriculture
  5. Intensive regenerative vegetable production
  6. Broad-ranging food security programmes
  7. Development of small scale farmers (Out-growers) towards increasing levels of commercial production


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