Business Membership

Does your business want to contribute or get involved with our Rewilding Africa mission?

Why should your business
support Rewilding Africa CIC?

  • You will be making a genuine difference in so many of Africa’s impoverished wilderness communities’ lives

  • You will be taking action to help protect Africa’s last remaining wilderness areas and the unique flora and fauna that occupy these landscapes

  • It will help to raise your profile globally whilst demonstrating your commitment to protecting Africa’s wildlife

  • We’ll work with you to find ways to engage your staff in nature based activities, travel and volunteering opportunities

To find out more about Business Memberships please contact us on
075 77187708 or email:

How else can your business support
Rewilding Africa CIC?

You can support us in a number of ways:

1. By joining as a Business Ambassador
Becoming a business Ambassador of Rewilding Africa is a clear demonstration of your commitment to helping protect Africa’s Wilderness heritage. It’s also a positive signal to your staff about the company they work for, and an indication to your customers, suppliers and the community around you that you care about nature in Africa and its wilderness communities.

We offer Ambassador options to suit all type and size of business.

Being a Rewilding Africa Ambassador enables you to use our logo on your website to show your support for Africa’s wilderness communities and landscapes. We will also feature your company on our website, social media pages, newsletter and various other communication opportunities.

We also encourage our Business Ambassadors to offer their services to Rewilding Africa CIC and our various partners and associates in the United Kingdom and Africa.

2. By organising a Rewilding Africa Adventure at a destination of your choice, for you and your staff
Give your staff the chance to take part in important conservation work, supporting the local wildlife and wellbeing of a wilderness community. Whether it is an informal teambuilding adventure or the chance for your staff to pull together and put something back into a community in Africa, we have an opportunity for you. These are great opportunities for team development. We do charge for these experiences to help cover our costs and support our work.

To find out more about the different options for a Rewilding Africa Adventure please contact us.

3. By getting involved in the sponsorship of a specific rewilding need or through contributing to one of our Rewilding projects

If you’re interested in sponsoring something specific we’d be happy to discuss this with you. Please get in contact with us.

To find out more about Business Ambassador Partnerships please contact us on
075 77187708 or email:

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