Our Projects

With all beneficiaries and projects Rewilding Africa supports, the local community is involved in ownership, management and administration.

Each project has an appointed beneficiary partner who is responsible for:

  • Working with the local community conducting workshops and youth education programs
  • Appointing a professional team
  • Creating a detailed project budget
  • Applying to Rewilding Africa for approved funding 

All funds distributed are subject to budgetary constraints and audit with regular report backs to our Ambassador members and donors.

Why get involved?

What will happen to our natural world if you don’t get involved?

When our children ask why didn’t we get involved when we could have, what will be our answer be?

Do this for your children.

By getting involved, you will have a visible legacy on the rewilded landscape forever, having the satisfaction of knowing you have saved animals, people and landscapes from needless destruction.

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